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Disappointment at Ferrari: 'We can't be satisfied with this'

Disappointment at Ferrari: 'We can't be satisfied with this'

20 March - 12:04 Last update: 12:08


Ferrari is extremely disappointed with the team's performance. In a press release, team boss Fred Vasseur and drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc look back at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix and the mediocre state the team is currently in.

In 2022, Ferrari was still Red Bull Racing's big challenger, and Leclerc was a serious contender for the title. This year, none of that remains: after two races, Ferrari is in fourth place among constructors, and the drivers have to make do with fourth and eighth in the drivers' standings. In Saudi Arabia, the team should have scored some precious points, but more than sixth and seventh place was out of the question.

"Overall, we can’t be satisfied with today’s result," judges Vasseur. "We did not have the speed we expected, and there was also a big gap in our performance level between qualifying and the race." Still, the team boss does not want to give up just yet, stressing that they will continue to push forward throughout the season in the hope of scoring some points.

Sainz and Leclerc acknowledge reality

Among the drivers, the mood is already not much better. "We were expecting a better race pace," Sainz kicks off. "We know the car is not where we want it to be at the moment. However, we will keep pushing, and I am fully confident we can improve the situation."

"There wasn’t much more we could have extracted today," adds Leclerc. "Our pace was not as good as we expected on the Hards. We have work to do on our race pace and will push to come back stronger in Australia."

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