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Alpine violates curfew of Jeddah circuit

Alpine violates curfew of Jeddah circuit

18 March - 12:15 Last update: 15:37


Alpine's team has broken curfew. According to an official document from the FIA staff from the team were present at the Jeddah circuit on Friday night outside the hours permitted for that purpose.

During the night from Friday to Saturday, the track will be closed to the teams for a 12-hour period. This 'curfew' ends three and a half hours before the start of the third free practice session, so teams can then get everything ready for the practice session. Alpine has thus violated this curfew. The FIA document states that people from the team were seen within the confines of the circuit.

No further consequences for Alpine

No punishment will follow Alpine's violation. In the same document, the FIA announces that each team is allowed to violate the curfew twice. So there will be no consequences for Alpine.

It is not known why people from Alpine were present at the circuit. The document only reveals that it was staff "involved in work on the car", but does not establish whether any maintenance was actually carried out on the cars.

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