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Wolff on Mercedes problems: 'No heads are going to roll now'

Wolff on Mercedes problems: 'No heads are going to roll now'

17 March - 19:26 Last update: 18 March - 10:40


Toto Wolff thinks sacking people is not the right way to solve the problems at Mercedes. Speaking to Sky Sports after Friday's practice sessions, the Mercedes team boss addressed the team's disappointing results and explained how he believes the team should move forward now.

The first two practice sessions for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix were again not great for Mercedes. Although times in the practice sessions are far from telling everything, it seems that Mercedes still cannot keep up with the top of the field. Meanwhile, more and more noises are coming out that things are allegedly rumbling internally at Mercedes.

'It's now about how we develop'

It is not unusual for redundancies to occur within an organisation after disappointing results. However, Wolff wants to know nothing of this: according to him, it is better to get the current team back on track than to make rigorous changes.

"An organisation is constantly changing and you can't stop that either, " the team boss says of possible layoffs at Mercedes. "Now it's about how we develop further and discussions are taking place about what the organisation should look like in the future. But it is not as if we are going to make heads roll. It's better to ask: how can we function as well as possible in the future?"

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