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'Ferrari has the fastest engine, Honda is in second place' - Helmut Marko

'Ferrari has the fastest engine, Honda is in second place' - Helmut Marko

16 March - 06:58 Last update: 08:08


 Helmut Marko believes that Ferrari currently have the fastest engine on the grid, with Honda and Mercedes not far behind them, after an interview with Formel1.de.

The Formula 1 season has started, and so the speculation is over. We can now really look at data to see who has built the best car and compare the performance of the different engines. In F1, you currently have four engine manufacturers, but the proportions do not change much.

Ferrari has the fastest engine

Indeed, Marko knows to report that based on their information, Ferrari's engine would be the fastest. Honda would be second on that list, with Mercedes on par. Renault, which makes the engine for Alpine, is the one with the slowest engine, according to Marko.

So good news for Ferrari, although it does little with that praise for now. Indeed, while the engine is fast, it is not reliable. In the first Grand Prix, this was already evident with Charles Leclerc, who, as a result, already had to take a grid penalty in the second race of the season in Saudi Arabia because of a third control unit.

Besides reliability, the car itself also struggles with the engine's high top speed. Whereas Red Bull Racing was able to do a soft-soft-hard tyre strategy in Bahrain, Ferrari's wear and tear prevented it from doing so. Marko sees that the rival has become even worse in that area after the winter break, where the RB19 is better than its predecessor in that regard.

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