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Prost in F1 podast: 'You don't want a life like that'

Prost in F1 podast: 'You don't want a life like that'

15 March - 18:00 Last update: 19:50


In 1993, Alain Prost was the best driver on the grid with flying colours. Of course, this was also his last year in Formula 1. Prost looks back at his championship 30 years ago. He talks about his last race at the unbeatable Williams and his time at McLaren.

Prost's final championship year in the Williams began differently from previous years. For the first time, the French driver was truly identified as the favourite for the upcoming season. Prost tells in the Beyond the grid podcast how he had to adapt in the Williams car, which used all new techonolgy.

Prost quits

Prost also talks about his first years in Formula 1 at McLaren. He liked this better than his last season at Williams. "I do not criticise at all, but it’s good this ambience is good for some drivers and maybe not as good for other drivers. At least at McLaren you are in a family."

After Prost drove his last race, he was happy to be done. "The first few weeks, you wake up at 9 or 10 o’clock and then you realise that you are really young and you don’t want to have this kind of life." He also said that after his three-month break, he really didn't feel like continuing racing.

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