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Eddie Jordan confident Toto Wolff can sort it out at Mercedes

Eddie Jordan confident Toto Wolff can "sort it out" at Mercedes

14 March - 16:33 Last update: 15 March - 08:02


Former Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan points to Toto Wolff as responsible for Mercedes' mistakes. Wolff should be capable enough to put out the fires within his German team.

Wolff shouted several times after the Bahrain Grand Prix that he is not at all happy with the car. In the 'Formula for Success' podcast, Jordan briefly points out to Wolff that it is all his responsibility. "He is the CEO, he is the boss. This is happening under his watch."

If it is up to Jordan, there is still plenty of confidence in Mercedes. According to Jordan, Wolff should grab the team together and give a thunderous speech. The Irish analyst encourages him to be tough on his team. "I think that Toto is strong enough, big enough, and man enough to front this up and sort this out", he said.

That things are not so comfortable internally also became clear when Mercedes wrote an open letter of apology to its fans. Those fans must be looking at the current situation with distaste

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