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Alonso impresses: 'Amazing that he has lasted this long in F1'

Alonso impresses: 'Amazing that he has lasted this long in F1'

12 March - 13:52 Last update: 17:11


Aston Martin has made a rock-solid start to the 2023 Formula 1 season. Moreover, with the highly driven Fernando Alonso behind the wheel, the team has a driver who brings speed, experience and leadership. So said Mika Hakkinen ahead of the opening race in a preview of the new season.

"It is amazing that he has lasted so long in Formula 1. He is still quick and has a good seat," Hakkinen said in conversation with Unibet. "With his experience he has done a lot of good for the team and, of course, his image is very good for marketing."

Big task for Stroll

For Lance Stroll, going up against the F1 veteran will be quite a task, Hakkinen also believes. Moreover, he did not make an ideal start by missing the winter test, but the young Canadian left a positive impression by finishing the Bahrain Grand Prix with strong points, despite his injuries.

"The boy is trying very hard. With Alonso, it will be interesting because he is not usually the easiest teammate. Alonso is clearly the leader in the team. He has so much experience and character, with those qualities he brings leadership to the team," said the two-time world champion.

Whether Aston Martin can maintain its current form remains to be seen, but Lawrence Stroll's team made a big impression during the opening race at the Bahrain International Circuit. As a result, the Silverstone-based team is currently second in the constructors' standings, 20 points behind Red Bull Racing.

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