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Formula 1 finds major new partnership with Qatar Airways

Formula 1 finds major new partnership with Qatar Airways

23 February - 10:48 Last update: 11:50


Formula 1 has signed a multi-year deal with Qatar Airways. The airline will become the name carrier of as many as three Grand Prixs, the racing class announced.

During the race weekends in Qatar, Hungary and at Imola, Qatar Airways will be the title sponsor of the Grand Prix. Furthermore, the brand will be visible on and around the circuit. The parties found mutual ground in their mission towards Co2 neutrality. Formula 1 would like to be at that point by 2030, where the Qataris hope to reach their goal by 2050.

Domenicali and Al Baker happy with deal

Stefano Domenicali, the Formula 1 boss, is happy with the partnership. "We are both parties fully committed to providing the best experience for our fans and customers, furthermore, together we have the size to reach the whole world." Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways' chief executive, is also delighted with the commitment: "The best partnerships rest on shared values. Both we and Formula 1 share a passion for innovation, precision, and luxury. With 23 races, Formula 1 is a global sport. That requires a global airline as a partner."

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