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Andretti: 'Ben Sulayem taking a step back causes us little concern'

Andretti: 'Ben Sulayem taking a step back causes us little concern'

20 February - 19:35 Last update: 22:35


Following outcry over FIA boss Mohammed Ben Sulayem's methods and statements, it has been revealed that the Emirati is taking a step back from Formula 1. One may wonder what exactly this means for the Andretti's wanting to enter the sport.

Michael and Mario Andretti are eager to set up an F1 team with Cadillac. At least, they hope this will succeed. The Andretti's have been in the media often lately because of the strained relationship between them and the already existing teams. F1 boss Stefano Domenicali was also unapologetic about certain statements made by Michael.

The Andretti's worry little

Despite the opposition from within F1 itself, Ben Sulayem and the FIA see Andretti Cadillac as a good fit. However, with Ben Sulayem suddenly stepping down, one wonders what this means for the Andretti's dream. In any case, Mario doesn't seem very worried:

"I mean, with the FIA, we have everything in place, they obviously have officially opened up the prospects of teams joining, and they’re evaluating every aspect of that part," he told PlanetF1.com. In other words, nothing will change at the FIA regarding this matter now that Ben Sulayem is interfering less in F1.

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