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Domenicali: 'We won't be swayed by Andretti's cries'

Domenicali: 'We won't be swayed by Andretti's cries'

11 February - 08:44 Last update: 09:07


It has been known for some time that the Andretti racing family wants to enter Formula 1. The FIA welcomes this plan, F1 itself somewhat less. Michael Andretti is very vocal about this entry and F1 boss Stefano Domenicali does not think this is a smart approach by the American.

Domenicali previously expressed his reluctance to add additional teams to the sport. He would like to keep the balance. However, he did stress at Sky Sports F1 that F1 welcomes anyone who can really add something of value to the sport.

The F1 boss then thinks it is not smart of Michael Andretti to call the current teams "greedy". The American did this when the teams did not seem to want to reduce prize money since more teams means less prize money per team. It does not make him any more popular.

'Everyone has to respect the process'

"There are others that are much less vocal that would like to come into Formula 1, so there is a process to respect and we will make sure together with the FIA that the process will be respected," the Italian said.

Domenicali describes Andretti's actions as an attempt to push the system. However, the Italian will not be swayed by the American's "shouting". "There are a lot of dimensions to consider and we don't have to overreact because someone is pushing the system."

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