'Interesting Ferrari chassis, Red Bull and Mercedes make great strides'

'Interesting Ferrari chassis, Red Bull and Mercedes make great strides'

8 February - 07:27 Last update: 09:00

Ferrari will announce what the new car will look like on 14 February. With the SF-23, the Italian formation hopes to finally win another World Championship. states that the first signs are good.

New team boss Frederic Vasseur should provide a different atmosphere next season, but has hardly had any influence on the car. Nevertheless, the Frenchman can reportedly be satisfied, as Ferrari is said to have made great strides in terms of the chassis, among other things.

Indeed, it is said to be two to three kilograms lighter than the 2022 version of the F1-75, giving the team around a tenth per lap gain. The formation would be curious to see how this will look in practice and eagerly await the test days in Bahrain.

Competitors Red Bull and Mercedes

The medium stressed that Red Bull Racing and Mercedes have also made strides. The Austrian formation noticed after last season's Spa-Francorchamps Grand Prix that Max Verstappen hardly had to fear competition anymore, so it only integrated several aspects around the development programme into this season's RB19.

Mercedes showed last year that it has a strong team capable of fighting back. The trio of teams could therefore be close with the cars, making it interesting in the first race weekends to see what the proportions are.