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McLaren wants to compete for title in 2025: 'No reason why we shouldn't'

McLaren wants to compete for title in 2025: 'No reason why we shouldn't'

25 January - 13:35 Last update: 19:48


McLaren CEO Zak Brown hopes McLaren can compete for the title in 2025. Speaking to ESPN Brown discussed the hopes for 2023 and McLaren's long-term plans.

McLaren have been at the top of the midfield for several years. Although the team narrowly lost the battle for fourth place to Alpine in 2022, the British team did have the honour of being the only team outside the top three teams to manage a podium. In 2023, the team with Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri will start the season with renewed courage.

Yet Brown wants to make it clear that this is not yet the year McLaren will compete for the title. "I think we're two to three years away," he explained. "I'd love this year to look like '21, mixing it up with the top three. But we still don't have all of our technology infrastructure in place."

Vision focuses on 2025

"By '24, we will have had it in place but not for the entire development of the 2024 car," continued Brown. "So 2024 I'd like to think would be a good step forward, where I think we could be mixing it up on a more regular basis."

"Then in 2025 we have everything we need - drivers, people, resources, windtunnel, simulator. There's no reason why, on paper, we shouldn't be in a position to be challenging at the front on a regular basis by 2025. That's certainly our ambition."

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