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Wolff defends Mercedes: 'Nobody can say that'

Wolff defends Mercedes: 'Nobody can say that'

25 January - 10:24 Last update: 12:16


Toto Wolff is preparing for the new season in Formula 1 with confidence. While Mercedes did not get beyond third place in the constructors last race year, the team boss believes the German formation can compete for prizes again in the new season.

The closing stages of last season give him hope in this regard. Mercedes managed to battle with Ferrari in the final races and even took a victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix. According to Wolff, it proves that his team is back on the right track.

"The victory was definitely important to confirm our development," Wolff stated in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport. "We believe that before the summer we understood where things went wrong. This is not something you can change overnight. You need many months of preparation time."

"By winning, we could also tick off this point on our list. Nobody can say that Mercedes did not win a race in 2022. And not only did we win, but we also won the sprint race and finished first and second in the GP. It was no fluke that weekend."

Wolff hoped for more

Wolff stressed that Mercedes was capable of winning more race weekends in the autumn of 2022, but lacked the luck. In addition, according to Wolff, the racing stable made some wrong choices, leaving it with the Brazilian win.

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