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Hamilton discovered quality: 'My superpowers would come out'

Hamilton discovered quality: 'My superpowers would come out'

25 January - 07:54 Last update: 08:55


Lewis Hamilton discussed his childhood in detail on Jay Shetty's podcast elaborating on his difficult school time, in which he was bullied a lot. However, the Brit fought himself out of it and immediately felt in motorsport that he could be completely himself.

Hamilton slowly discovered how he came into his power. "I remember going to karate and putting this helmet on in racing," he recalls. "It felt like it was my cloak... my superpowers would come out when I was driving."

Hamilton focuses on projects

It did not hurt him in the end, because with seven world titles, he still has the most World Championships won to his name along with Michael Schumacher. Although he is proud of that, he stated that other things are more important to him.

For instance, the experienced driver has been focusing on various social projects to do something for society for years. Not only does he work against discrimination and racism, but with 'Mission 44' he also tries to help children who are less fortunate.

"Meeting kids at schools, having these conversations with families and parents who are clearly going through difficult times and want to create the best opportunity for their kids. [I want to] encourage them: ‘It’s ok, I’ve been there too, look where I got, so you can get there.’ For me, that’s way more rewarding than winning a race – so much more."

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