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Verstappen analyses: 'I am convinced that work is worth it'

Verstappen analyses: 'I am convinced that work is worth it'

25 January - 07:23 Last update: 08:54


Max Verstappen still has over a month to go before he is due to appear on the starting grid in Bahrain in early March. While Formula 1 fans often see him performing on the track, he spends by far the most time behind the scenes.

Among other things, the Dutchman spends about a month a year in a simulator to prepare for race weekends. While other teams choose to bring in a test driver to do this work, Verstappen demands that he be allowed to take it on himself.

"The days are very long, but I am convinced that this work is worth it," Verstappen stated in conversation with Speedweek.com. "I also don't want a test driver to take care of the simulation, as happens in other formations. I want to do it myself, because everyone has their own driving style."

Verstappen on busy GPs

According to Verstappen, drivers have a lot more to do during a Grand Prix. For instance, they report to race control after the first two free practice sessions to go over situations, they have sponsorship obligations and meet within the team to discuss what could be improved. It makes each race weekend quite intense for him.

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