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Max Verstappen's Esport team joins new sim series

Max Verstappen's Esport team joins new sim series

24 January - 19:53


ESL, the world's largest organiser of Esports events, will host a brand new sim racing series in 2023. The new class is called ESL R1 and will run on the as-yet unreleased platform Rennsport.

Max Verstappen and his colleagues from Team Redline complained after the totally unsuccessful virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans about the poor quality of the platform on which the game was played. Even during the race - which the Dutchman ended prematurely due to persistent technical problems - the Formula 1 world champion let it be known that he would never participate in virtual Le Mans again because of the platform. According to a post on the site of Goodwood Road & Racing Team Redline will, however, compete in the new racing class. Incidentally, there is no mention of whether Verstappen will be part of the team.

Live events

The series starts with two live events, followed by six more online rounds. In May, the best teams will meet for a grand final in Munich. The second season starts as early as mid-November, then with an event in Jonkoping, Sweden.

Drivers and teams can win a nice amount of money with ESL R1. There is a total prize pool of €500,000, divided between the two seasons. How the prize money will be shared, is still unknown. By the end of 2023, the game will also be available to the general public.

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