Chadwick maintains Williams relationship: 'Still lot to achieve before F1'

Chadwick maintains Williams relationship: 'Still lot to achieve before F1'

24 January - 08:08 Last update: 09:37

Jamie Chadwick has swapped the W Series for the US Indy NXT championship, but the female driver is also still thinking about Formula 1. Speaking to Feeder Series Chadwick talks about her plans for 2023.

Williams recently announced that Chadwick will remain part of the Driver Academy. The British driver has been active in the simulator at the Formula 1 team for some time and will continue in that role in 2023. Chadwick has dominated the W Series, a women-only championship, for several years. However, a chance in Formula 2 or 3 did not materialise. This coming season, she is taking a different direction: The Indy NXT (previously known as Indy Lights). She will be supported there by Williams and DHL Americas.

Chadwick won't give up F1 dream

So although Chadwick is leaving for the United States, she is not giving up on her Formula 1 dream just yet, especially now that she has extended her partnership with Williams. "F1 is definitely still there, and I’m maintaining the relationship with Williams this year. It’s a long-term relationship I’ve had and one I really, really value.”

"I don’t see it as black and white, as there is IndyCar in America and then there’s F1 in Europe. I definitely see a capability of there being a crossover – for all drivers actually, even in IndyCar. I would love to see opportunities for those drivers to cross over into Formula 1 and even potentially vice versa."

Right now, Chadwick will focus on Indy NXT, but in the future she would also like to race in IndyCar and F1 if the opportunity arises. "But there’s a lot to achieve before that’s even talked about.”

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