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Sir Jackie Stewart hopes world title for Norris or Russell

Sir Jackie Stewart hopes world title for Norris or Russell

23 January - 14:58 Last update: 16:41


Sir Jackie Stewart is happy to see that, with Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, and Lando Norris, Britain has three good drivers at great teams. Should a British driver manage to take the world title in 2023, he does not favour Hamilton.

Indeed, the three-time Formula One world champion wishes the other two talents could take the top prize of the year. "Our young British racing drivers today, I'd love one to win the world championship this season. That would be fantastic," he stated to Express.

Although Stewart thinks it is handsome that Hamilton has seven world titles to his name, he would have preferred him to race for a British formation. "You’ve got Lewis who's been winning time after time after time with the unfortunately German car company," Stewart told the medium, in fact. "But that German car company gets all their Formula One cars built in [Brackley] because Britain is the capital of technology for motorsport."

Hamilton goes for world title

While Lando Norris indicated earlier this week that a world title in 2023 is probably too early for McLaren, Hamilton stated that he is ready to compete with Max Verstappen this calendar year. The British racing stable last season failed to move beyond fifth place in the world championship, with Mercedes ahead of both Red Bull Racing and Ferrari.

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