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Red Bull favourite for new season: 'It has the resources'

Red Bull favourite for new season: 'It has the resources'

23 January - 14:24 Last update: 16:40


Over the past two seasons, Red Bull Racing took the world title with Max Verstappen, making the Austrian formation the favourite for next race year as well. Speaking to Sport Express that the other teams, however, are by no means hopeless.

The Russian driver featured in Formula 1 for three seasons. While he competed for Renault for two seasons in 2010 and 2011, he experienced his final year in a Caterham F1 Team car. In recent years, he has continued to follow the motorsport class and became impressed by Red Bull's level.

Red Bull favourite, according to Petrov

Petrov thinks Verstappen can also win the world championship this calendar year. "Red Bull has the resources. It is a big team with many specialists. After all, there is a lot of money. They know exactly what they want to do and how. And they employ professionals there," he analyses.

"But that doesn't mean other teams don't have a chance to win," Petrov adds. Among other things, the former Formula One driver hopes that Ferrari is getting back on track. According to Petrov, Ferrari is unsettled too soon and needs to accept that sometimes mistakes are made by the team.

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