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Brown impressed after 'summer drama': 'He is very mature'

Brown impressed after 'summer drama': 'He is very mature'

23 January - 12:33 Last update: 16:37


Zak Brown cannot wait for the Formula 1 season to start in a month and a half's time. The McLaren CEO not only expects Lando Norris to do well next season but also thinks Oscar Piastri will surprise.

The talent was still under contract at Alpine last season, where he had the opportunity to succeed Fernando Alonso. However, the Australian was already negotiating with McLaren at that time and decided to sign a contract with the British formation.

Compliment from Brown to Piastri

While the French were still trying to keep Piastri in, however, the youngster proved to be in his right. According to Brown, the situation showed that Piastri is very mature for his age and is therefore ready for a step up.

"He is very mature for his age. I was very impressed with how he handled the summer drama if you like. He's obviously an immense talent," Brown said in an interview with Formula1.com. Brown realizes, however, that Piastri will have to get used to his new role.

"He's not been racing for a year, so we need to get any of that race rustiness off him, which I'm sure we will do in short order. Very focused individual, very technical, and looking forward to seeing him and Lando on the grid next year."

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