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'Schumacher's friend wanted to sell secret photos for one million'

'Schumacher's friend wanted to sell secret photos for one million'

23 January - 12:07 Last update: 16:35


Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher still shares the record number of Formula 1 world titles with Lewis Hamilton. In 2013, however, he experienced a major skiing accident, which left him severely brain-damaged. Three years later, photos of him had almost come out, reports Express.

Indeed, a dear friend of the family visited Schumacher in 2016, who was sick in bed at the time. He then allegedly made an attempt to resell the footage to various European media for one million to make money.

German prosecutors confirmed to the Medium that there was indeed a person who wanted to infringe on Schumacher's personal life. In the end, however, it never came to that and the photos taken did not reach any medium. However, the shock was well in the family's mind.

Few updates on Schumacher

After the accident, doctors kept Schumacher in an artificial coma so that his body could recover from the situation. After he awoke, he had several hospitals and has since been moved home. After that time, there have been few updates from the family about the former Formula 1 driver's recovery.

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