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Wolff lashes out at Horner: 'The guy is obsessed'

Wolff lashes out at Horner: 'The guy is obsessed'

21 January - 10:53 Last update: 12:24


Toto Wolff has sneered at Christian Horner in an interview with The Times. The Mercedes team boss thinks he is inside the Briton's head, but that it is a waste of time to talk about Horner.

It has been a while since Max Verstappen won his first world title with Red Bull Racing in 2021, but the rivalry that emerged between Mercedes and the British team is still going on. Off the track, things sometimes got heated between Horner and Wolff. Although Mercedes was not in the title race last season, there is still a negative atmosphere between the two team bosses. For instance, Wolff was one of the first to criticise Red Bull's budget cap violation.

Before the new season has started at all, Wolff is already lashing out at Horner. In the interview, the Mercedes team boss is asked about Horner. "I am living in his head rent free. The guy is obsessed. Every second that I spend on talking about Horner is a waste of time in my life," Wolff begins.

Wolff enjoys Formula One

Although Horner is a source of annoyance for the Austrian, he still enjoys Formula 1. "I have great moments in F1. I love the team, I love the challenge. But what I really love is my family. I have three children, who are 21, 18 and five years old. Having the family together is what gives me greatest enjoyment."

Thus, Wolff enjoys spending time with his wife, Susie Wolff, who has been active in F1 herself. "And with my wife I have found the perfect partner. My wife can drive cars faster than I. But that is the least of her attributes. We are total soulmates," says the Mercedes boss.

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