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Perez's father believes in Formula One world title for son

Perez's father believes in Formula One world title for son

21 January - 07:51 Last update: 24 January - 13:48


Antonio Perez, the father of Sergio Perez, is confident his son will manage to grab a Formula One world title in the coming years. In an interview with Esto.com.mx he reveals that the Red Bull Racing driver has even more to offer than he has shown.

Perez is preparing for his third season with the Austrian team. While his teammate Max Verstappen took the world title two seasons in a row, the Mexican failed to finish second in the championship both times.

He therefore needs to be better, his father also knows. "We haven't seen the best of Checo yet. This is an experience that is hard to repeat for Mexico and we have to enjoy it. With time, Mexico will definitely have a Formula One champion," he states to the medium.

Learning years at Red Bull

The 63-year-old Perez sees that his son has found the right team with Red Bull. The past two seasons at the team taught him a lot, which should benefit him in the years to come. "These two years have been the most important for him in every way," he said.

For Mexico, he says it is special to have a driver at a top team in Formula 1. "The best thing that has happened to him in the history of the sport is his relationship with Red Bull," he finishes. Perez's contract continues until the end of 2024.