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'Sky Sports in trouble: German channels not interested in F1 rights'

'Sky Sports in trouble: German channels not interested in F1 rights'

19 January - 10:00 Last update: 10:44


RTL Deutschland will no longer broadcast four free races from this season, they announced on Wednesday. Sky Sports are therefore looking hard for a replacement channel, but it is according to Bild a question of whether they will find one.

Indeed, the free-to-air channels in Germany are not exactly eager to take over the broadcast package. ARD, for instance, already said that they have no interest in Formula 1, while at ZDF the motorsport class does not fit into the channel's philosophy. This would involve combustion engines.

Hopes are therefore pinned on ProSiebenSat.1, who currently already show Formula E and DTM. However, even this broadcaster said that for the time being it is not open to bringing in Formula 1. This may have to do with the high cost of acquisition.

Contractually, Sky Sports has to offer four races for free to German television viewers over the next two seasons, leaving them with a problem. One option might be to offer the broadcasts for free on their website or on their YouTube channel, but this hardly makes them any money.

Long-term F1 contract Sky Sports

Sky Sports pays as much as €50-55 million per season to broadcast Formula 1, with the contract running until 2027. From 2025, they only have to offer a maximum of one race for free, namely when and if the German Grand Prix takes place.

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