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Norris enjoyed working together: 'We were the perfect competitors'

Norris enjoyed working together: 'We were the perfect competitors'

19 January - 07:24 Last update: 07:33


Lando Norris has fond memories of the two seasons when Daniel Ricciardo was his teammate. Both men had a good rapport with each other, while at the same time trying hard to outperform the other on track.

The Australian was under contract to McLaren for the past two racing years. During that period, his performance was disappointing, leading the British formation to decide to part ways with him. This calendar year, Norris will team up with Oscar Piastri.

For Norris, it is unfortunate as a good teammate is leaving. "Daniel I got on with pretty well. He and I were the perfect competitors: we hated beating each other like we hated getting beat by one another," he explained in an interview with GQ Magazine.

The Brit was able to release that feeling outside race weekends. "Away from the track we respected each other massively. I keep it separate; I can be the biggest competitor I need to be on the race track, but I can also respect and be good mates with other people."

Norris should become McLaren leader

Zak Brown tells the same medium that Norris is working hard behind the scenes to take the team on his shoulders. He would also help his team pack up after the race, among other things, trying to strengthen the close-knit nature of the formation.