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Mercedes pokes fun at Verstappen: 'We should have known better'

Mercedes pokes fun at Verstappen: 'We should have known better'

18 January - 17:18 Last update: 17:23

Outside the on-track action, the Formula 1 teams' social media channels also engage in the occasional battle. For instance, Mercedes mocks an old offence by Max Verstappen - one that cost him dearly.

Mercedes mocks fine Verstappen

In the video, a Mercedes team member can be seen approaching Lewis Hamilton's W13 and touching the rear wing. The word 'wasted' that then appears on screen is a reference to the game Grand Theft Auto, where players are shown the same image when they die. "We should have known better," read the caption.

With this video, the German racing stable is referring to a moment in 2021, after qualifying for the sprint race in Brazil. Max Verstappen decided to take a closer look at Hamilton's rear wing, but in the process touched rear wing of the Mercedes when it was not allowed under the parc fermé rules. It was huge with title race in the balance and a penalty would have potentially had major consequences for Verstappen.

The FIA decided to impose a €50,000 fine on the Dutchman but nothing else. Afterwards, Verstappen joked that the board members could have a nice dinner out of that money, but Mercedes also still sees the humour in it.