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Porsche announcement turns out to be unrelated to F1

Porsche announcement turns out to be unrelated to F1

16 January - 15:47 Last update: 18:05


Porsche have provided some more clarity on the special reveal announced on Instagram earlier today. Responding to questions from GPBlog, a spokesperson for the German company has clarified the situation somewhat.

The announcement on Instagram earlier in the day caused many question marks. All posts were removed from the channel, the name was changed from 'Porsche Formula E' to 'Porsche Motorsport', and a cryptic message about "start your engines" was posted.

Soon the speculation was about a possible announcement around Formula 1. Porsche have been looking to join the sport for some time. Initially, that was supposed to be with Red Bull Racing, but that deal collapsed in mid-2022. Since then, the news has been quiet. Williams were mentioned as a candidate to partner with Porsche. The team has since made it clear that is not the case.

The announcement is on social media

Porsche themselves have now also clarified more about the situation. "The announcement on the Formula E social media Channel is not related to Formula 1," a Porsche spokesperson explained to GPBlog. "We reshuffled the social media presence of our three factory programmes (TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E, Porsche Penske Motorsport and Porsche Coanda Esports Racing Team). They are all covered by the same channel @Porsche.Motorsport (former Formula E) on Instagram now."

An updated post on Porsche's Instagram has confirmed the new announcement as well.

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