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Popular sim racer takes on Verstappen: 'Months of preparation'

Popular sim racer takes on Verstappen: 'Months of preparation'

16 January - 09:55 Last update: 11:40

Jimmy Broadbent has spoken up for Max Verstappen after the virtual 24 hours of Le Mans. The popular YouTuber understands the Dutchman's frustration after his connection broke.

This year's virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans caused quite a stir. The race counted several red flags due to a problem with the server and several competitors lost their positions due to a broken connection. Verstappen and his Team Redline lost the win as a result, leading to irritation among the Dutchman.

Support for Verstappen

While the event's commentator balks at Verstappen's statements, Broadbent can understand why Verstappen reacted the way he did. The well-known sim racer, who has a YouTube channel with more than 800 thousand subscribers, explains that he quit the game rFactor2 years ago, because of the many problems with the game. These, years after Broadbent quit, still haven't been fixed.

Those random moments when you disconnect are commonplace with the game, according to Broadbent, who himself competed in the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans. The fact that Verstappen and his team lost the lead with a few hours to go and did not regain it is therefore quite frustrating. Broadbent also mentions the entry fee of around 2,000 euros and the months of preparation that go into it.

Broadbent finds it hard to say, but does it anyway: he is not happy with the game either. According to the sim racer, the game has had years to prove itself, but has failed to do so. According to Broadbent, however, there is one problem. As long as Motorsport Games has the rights, according to Jimmy, it will always use this game for the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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