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Coulthard: 'Sergio Perez needs a software update'

Coulthard: 'Sergio Perez needs a software update'

15 January - 19:06 Last update: 19:53


To promote the new series Drive to Survive on Netflix, David Coulthard spoke to various media in Ireland last weekend. A key topic appeared to be the dynamic between Max Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez. No doubt the Red Bull Racing chapter is going to make for an interesting episode soon.

It is no secret that Perez wants to make an assault on Verstappen's crown in 2023. However, there is a view in and around the paddock that this is going to be a difficult story. In Ireland, Coulthard told the BBC that Verstappen is a 'benchmark' and that Perez's fate in F1  'is in his own hands'. Only, the Scottish former driver of Red Bull and others warns, a big change is needed for this to happen.


Verstappen won 15 Grands Prix last season, while Perez won 'only' two. "For Checo to look at how many victories Max had and how many he had, it's not like he is just having to polish a few corners. This is a major rewrite, a software update," he said. "If you use the same ingredients in the cake you will get the the same cake. You need to change it if you want something different. He has access to the data of the world champion. He can see where he's quicker, where he's slower. Checo will be quicker in some areas. It's just Max is putting it all together more often than not. All the knowledge is there for Checo to lift his performance. If he does then the world championship is there for him to put his hand on. If he doesn't, then he will be another driver, like myself, that won a few Grands Prix."

Earlier, Coulthard revealed that Perez should be a bit worried about Daniel Ricciardo, who has been recruited by Red Bull as a reserve driver. Should performance disappoint, Perez could be replaced by the Australian just like that.

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