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Mercedes stays sharp: 'In F1, unfortunately you never know everything'

Mercedes stays sharp: 'In F1, unfortunately you never know everything'

15 January - 13:54 Last update: 14:22


Technical director Mike Elliott is confident that Mercedes is facing a better season than last calendar year, he stressed in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport. According to the Briton, the German formation has made some important steps.

Because of new regulations, Mercedes suffered from porpoising in early 2022, losing a lot of speed on the straights. It caused Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to miss out on expensive points for in the world championship.

Growth at Mercedes

Behind the scenes, however, Mercedes managed to understand and solve the problem. As a result, Elliott expects the Germans to have a good chance of winning the world championship in the new season, although he keeps a guard up. After all, he knows that things can get strange in sport. At the same time, he is proud of the growth Mercedes has already shown.

"Our predictions became more accurate," he observed. "Our simulations gave us a pretty accurate indication of which track would be good or bad for us. We now also have a good theory of what we need to do so that this doesn't happen to us again next season. That gives us confidence for the winter. But in Formula 1, unfortunately, you never know everything."

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