Dennis takes Mexican win in Formula E, Frijns breaks wrist

Dennis takes Mexican win in Formula E, Frijns breaks wrist

14 January - 21:05 Last update: 21:47

Jake Dennis managed to take the first victory of the Formula E season. The driver beat Lucas Di Grassi in Mexico, who was allowed to start the race from pole position, doing himself an important service.

Di Grassi started the race from pole position and maintained this spot in the opening stages. Behind him, Jake Hughes and Dennis battled busily with each other for second position, with the first driver proving to be the stronger of the two. After Robin Frijns collided hard with his predecessor's car, a safety car entered the track and it was waiting for the race to continue. Incidentally, the Dutchman broke his wrist in the incident.

The safety car had only just left the track when Sam Bird and Norman Nato had to retire, resulting in another yellow flag along the track. It made for a remarkable opening phase, but once the race continued, there was action on the track. For instance, Dennis easily got past Di Grassi and made sure he moved into the lead.

Tricky race for Vandoorne

Reigning world champion Stoffel Vandoorne failed to get into the top ten in qualifying and struggled in the race too. After driving more than half the race, he could still be found in 11th position. His teammate Jean-Éric Vergne was one place ahead of him.

Meanwhile, an action by Edoardo Mortara resulted in another yellow flag. He lost control and his car crashed into the wall. As a result, his car was out of control, forcing him to drop out of the Mexican race.

Dennis, meanwhile, was feeling good about the race. His lead over Di Grassi had now increased to over four seconds, giving him some air. However, with Hughes and Pascal Wehrlein behind him, he had to stay sharp.

Dennis takes Mexican win

Just before the end of the race, Wehrlein managed to get past Di Grassi, putting him on P2. However, the gap to Dennis was still large at that point, while Di Grassi was trying hard to regain his position.

It made for an interesting final phase, with the front drivers working hard to gain another position. In the end, Dennis took the win, followed by Wehrlein and Di Grassi. André Lotterer and Hughes completed the top five.

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