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Panthera Asia F1 Team does not rule out collaboration with Calvin Lo

Panthera Asia F1 Team does not rule out collaboration with Calvin Lo

13 January - 09:03 Last update: 10:17


Benjamin Durand does not rule out a partnership with Calvin Lo. Both parties want to start a Formula 1 team with support from Asia. Possibly together.

While Andretti and Cadillac are firmly banging on the door of F1 with the US team, there is also hard work on the other side of the world to enter F1. For instance, Calvin Lo spoke to GPblog about his plans to start an F1 team and Benjamin Durand has also revived the Panthera Asia F1 Team.

Asian cooperation

Both projects point to the huge growth potential there is in the Asian market. As such, they also feel that they will actually be an addition for the other F1 teams, as the extra focus on F1 in Asia could also bring in extra revenue for those teams. However, the question is whether the two parties would not be better off joining forces, as Andretti and Cadillac have also done.

"We haven’t talked to Calvin Lo right now," Durand told PlanetF1. ''I don’t have details about his project but we are open to everything. We are still in the stage if whoever comes can bring us something that can reinforce our project and reinforce the bid for F1 [then that is good],'' said the team boss and co-founder of the Panthera project.

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