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Alpine clear towards Gasly: 'That's what Pierre is going to bring'

Alpine clear towards Gasly: 'That's what Pierre is going to bring'

11 January - 13:20 Last update: 13:33


Alpine are expecting a lot from the arrival of Pierre Gasly, Laurent Rossi makes clear. Speaking to Formula1.com that the Frenchman should ensure that his new team can grow in the coming years.

After his failed adventure at Red Bull Racing, Gasly revenged himself at AlphaTauri and managed to impress several Formula 1 teams in recent seasons. It ensured that the driver earned a move to Alpine, allowing him to take on a new challenge.

Alpine enthusiastic about Gasly's qualities

According to Rossi, AlphaTauri's good performance is largely due to Gasly's qualities. The French driver is said to be able to take his team by the hand like no other. Alpine, therefore, expects him to be capable of the same at his new employer, allowing it to grow.

"For that, you need drivers that are not only capable only to go fast and score points with the potential the car gives us, but also to take it to the next level," Rossi summed up Alpine's expectations.

"That means that you need to, as of Friday morning, be able to give feedback to the team and take the whole team in the right direction so the car improves – that’s what Pierre, we hope, is going to bring." Gasly will do so in 2023 alongside his teammate Esteban Ocon.

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