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This is the amount of money it costs to build the circuit in Vegas

This is the amount of money it costs to build the circuit in Vegas

11 January - 18:30 Last update: 19:01


Not a week goes by these days without the upcoming Grand Prix in Las Vegas managing to make the news. Sometimes it is about a demonstration across the world-famous strip, other times the start of ticket sales.

Most reports, however, are about money. Indeed, if there is anything that sets the race apart, it is the sky-high numbers going around. Watching the Grand Prix for a weekend? You can already rent a nice hotel room for the price of $1 million. If you want to be a bit more luxurious - after all, you only live once - there is also a room available for $5 million. Of course, that includes a ticket.

Expensive tickets

Tickets for the Grand Prix were already in high demand. That seems like a big miracle, as a seat costs a whopping $2,000 per person. Still, the organisers had to disappoint many people, as demand far exceeded availability. A third batch of tickets will hit the market in spring, again at that attractive rate of $2,000 each.

So the Grand Prix in Las Vegas is a cash cow. But it also requires investment, reports The Financial Times. Liberty Media has allocated $240 million to purchase a piece of land on which, among other things, the pit boxes will be located. In addition, the Formula 1 owner wants to put a similar amount into improvements to the track and pitlane. Building the track will thus cost around $500 million.

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