Calvin Lo: Really admire Verstappen and Hamilton

Calvin Lo: "Really admire Verstappen and Hamilton"

8 January - 18:36 Last update: 19:09

Calvin Lo has big plans. The Hong Kong billionaire hopes to enter the world of Formula 1 with his own Asian team. Meanwhile, the investor has been busy preparing something he has been dreaming of for ages. Lo has put a group of intermediaries to work, currently casting all kinds of lines to potential partners, stakeholders and, of course, the FIA and FOM, he told GPblog in an exclusive interview. However, it is still too early to think about who should drive for him in the future.

When we ask Lo if he already has two names in his mind of whom he would think it would be cool if they represented his team's colours, he replies, "You know, to be perfectly honest with you, just to even get a team on the grid is already like, you know, amazing. Incredible. So, you know, any drivers right now, be it on it."

Broad view of motorsport

By that, Lo means not only the drivers who will be racing in Formula 1 next season, but also the guys who are not ready at the moment. Lo is a big fan of Formula 1, but his interest in motorsport extends beyond that of the premier class. On Grand Prix weekends, the man from Hong Kong also likes to tune into Formula 2 or Formula 3.

"Well, obviously, on the grid, but even the up and coming drivers, I think just because they're not the 20 running around the circuit it doesn't mean that they're not good. Right. So there's so many talents. I mean, I've been watching like, you know, the lower categories or supporting categories and those guys are incredible. So I don't think there's a shortage of talent in terms of drivers. So that part, I think for anyone who's looking into even starting a team or of this nature, that should be the least of their concern at this point," Lo said.

Enjoying Hamilton and Verstappen

When asked about his personal favourite for his new team, Lo is not so outspoken. After all, it is about the team and not himself, Lo stresses. The stone-faced entrepreneur likes to keep all options open, but he is particularly impressed by drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

"I really admire people like Lewis Hamilton, you know, too Max Verstappen. I mean, they're very different, right? But I mean, they also make the whole show incredible with their talent," said Lo, who also states that he greatly enjoys the increasing battle in the midfield. "But like, for example, last year the focus was may not be in the top teams, maybe the second tier. So like lower mid grid and it was so exciting, right?"

Lo concludes by saying it is still too early to talk about drivers for his own team. "We're still taking baby steps, at least from my perspective now," he added. Want to see the full interview with Lo about his plans for an F1 entry? You can do so here!

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