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Newey names key to Red Bull success: 'That's at the heart of it'

Newey names key to Red Bull success: 'That's at the heart of it'

4 January - 09:22 Last update: 10:33


Red Bull Racing enjoyed a top season in Formula 1 in 2022 by winning both championships. The situation comes as no surprise to Adrian Newey, as the Austrian racing stable's top man has felt for years that all is well within the team.

The formation had to come a long way. Indeed, until the end of 2020, Mercedes was the top team in the motorsport class, while Red Bull could not manage to put a reliable engine in the car for years. Red Bull remained calm, however, and decided to team up with Honda, which worked out well.

"I think one of the strengths of the team is that we've put our heads together and got through that period," Newey said in conversation with Formul1.de. "Once we had a good engine again by working with Honda, we were able to respond."

Newey on closeness at Red Bull

In 2021, Red Bull took an important step by clinching its first world title since 2013, before continuing the streak a year later. It provided Max Verstappen with a car with which he largely dominated the season and once again finished the year as the winner.

According to Newey, this is partly because of the trust that exists within the team. "It is a kind of informal way of working. Trust and friendship are at the heart of what works so well," he explained. Newey is therefore confident that Red Bull will be strong again this calendar year.

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