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Pat Symonds proud of new regulations' impact

Pat Symonds proud of new regulations' impact

31-12-2022 08:59 Last update: 09:17


Pat Symonds thinks Formula 1 has done well to introduce the new 2023 regulations. Indeed, the chief technical officer of the motorsport class sees that excitement has increased considerably, he says in an interview with Auto, Motor und Sport.

When the plan was introduced, not everyone was enthusiastic, Symonds recalls. The organisation worked hard behind the scenes and came up with a plan in 2019 to help convince teams. However, it didn't manage to get everyone excited then.

"There was already scepticism in the field," Symonds recalls well to the German publication. "Adrian Newey initially feared that all the cars would look the same because the rules were so restrictive. But they weren't at all."

"We are happy that we were right. Some were even very close to our sketches. I would say the cars are different now than before, although many would probably still struggle to recognise all the cars if they were painted black."

Newey takes a critical look at current situation

While Newey has also come to see the positives of the new rules, he remains critical of the path Formula 1 has chosen. Indeed, according to Red Bull Racing's top man, it is not wise that the cars have become bigger and heavier.

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