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Grosjean saw '99 per cent perfection' in Verstappen's F1 season

Grosjean saw '99 per cent perfection' in Verstappen's F1 season

28-12-2022 15:54 Last update: 17:44


Romain Grosjean is impressed with the way Max Verstappen dominated the 2022 world championship. According to the former Formula One driver, there was only one moment where the Dutchman made the wrong decision, he told Motorsport Magazine.

"I honestly think it’s one of the best that I’ve seen in Formula 1," Grosjean revealed. "It’s 99 per cent perfect, [the missing] one per cent being Brazil. That was the wrong call and the wrong message."

Grosjean is referring to Verstappen's decision not to let his teammate Sergio Perez past him. The decision appeared to have stemmed from a moment that took place in Monaco earlier in the season, although both drivers would never confirm it. The Frenchman believes Verstappen should have acted differently in the process.

Grosjean names best races Verstappen

Nevertheless, Grosjean believes his strong moments linger. "Apart from that, there’s nothing you can say. He was there in qualifying, he was there in the race," Grosjean finished. He felt Verstappen got the most out of himself in the Grands Prix at Spa-Francorchamps and in Hungary. In both race weekends, the Dutchman emerged victorious.

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