Drivers' and teams' resolutions for 2023

Drivers' and teams' resolutions for 2023

31-12-2022 11:00

2023 is just around the corner and it is customary, in the run-up to the New Year, to draw up a list of good intentions. Playing a little with this tradition, one can try to imagine what Formula 1 drivers and teams have chosen to promise themselves for the coming season. Maybe these resolutions are actually on their list!

Ferrari - Improving reliability

At the start of the season, Ferrari really looked like they could be a serious contender for the title. In the first races, they had two wins out of three and everything seemed to be going well, but then Red Bull took the lead and easily won both titles. This situation was also due to several strategic mistakes made by the Ferrari team during the course of the season, such as in Monaco, Hungary and Silverstone. Things then got a little better after the summer break, culminating in Abu Dhabi where Leclerc was able to defend his second place in the world championship also thanks to a brilliant strategy. Ferrari must definitely continue on that path if they want to fight for the championship, and make strategy one of their strong points.

Ocon and Gasly - Getting along well

It is no secret that Ocon and Gasly are not exactly friends. The two were friends as kids, at the beginning of their careers, but then this friendship turned into a heated rivalry, which also involved the families of the two. Now they find themselves together at Alpine, teammates for the first time. Everyone in the French team is hoping that the two drivers can get along and that they will both pull in the same direction to take Alpine even higher. This would certainly be good for them as well, as they could put aside their rivalry and strive for great results.

Red Bull - Maintaining harmony in the team

Everyone remembers the incident involving the Red Bull drivers at the Brazilian Grand Prix. And everyone knows the suspicions about Perez linked to the Monaco GP. With these premises, the situation in Red Bull seems anything but calm. In any case, however, the Austrian team has won both titles, overcoming the controversies that characterised its season. To continue on this path, it will be important for the team to maintain harmony within the paddock, managing the relationship between the viscous Verstappen and an increasingly fierce Perez.

Ricciardo and Schumacher - Getting noticed

Daniel Ricciardo and Mick Schumacher are the two biggest names among those excluded from the next Formula One season. Both, however, will remain within the circus, having been hired as third drivers for Red Bull and Mercedes respectively. The two are desperate to return to the grid in 2024 and to do so, they will have to make themselves as conspicuous as possible in their new role. Maybe they will even get the chance to replace one of the starting drivers on the track. That would be an opportunity to make the most of.

Williams - Ambition

Last season Williams finished sadly in last place. Latifi, Albon and De Vries managed to collect only eight points in total and the car always seemed to be a step behind even the lower-ranked rivals. However, great optimism has always reigned within the team. No one feared revolutions, no heads were blown, no one criticised drivers, engineers, and managers. It almost seemed as if Williams was simply content to make an appearance. Ambition, however, is essential to move up the rankings, we'll see if the new team principal arriving in Capito's place brings it.

Gunther Steiner - Being kinder to his drivers

Gunther Steiner has become a real Formula 1 star thanks to the Netflix series Drive to Survive. During the past season, however, he often made headlines because of his criticism of Mick Schumacher. Many acknowledged that criticism is good and helps one to grow and improve, but also that Steiner was too harsh on the young German driver. Now Schumacher is no longer at Haas, having been replaced by Nico Hulkenberg, but it remains to be seen whether Steiner will reserve the same treatment for his new driver or whether the new year will have made him better.

Yuki Tsunoda - Getting less angry

Another Formula 1 star is definitely Yuki Tsunoda. A flamboyant character, he is loved by his colleagues, who think he is a very funny person. Tsunoda, however, has a great weakness known to all: he gets very angry when driving. Whether it is because of his own mistakes, the manoeuvres of others or what he is told on team radio, Yuki often goes into a rage. However, this damages his driving style and his speed, so it would be good if he arrived at the new season calmer, in order to make a further step forward.

Alpine - Improving Reliability

As we mentioned earlier, Alpine achieved a good result in the championship, ranking as 'best of the rest'. This goal, however, could have been achieved with much less effort if the French team had not suffered a large number of retirements, especially with regard to Alonso's car. The Spaniard declared at one point that he had lost something like seventy points due to engine unreliability. Now Alonso is no longer in the team, but everyone in Alpine is hoping that the 2023 engine will be more solid, in order to get even closer to the top three.

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