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Stella expresses appreciation: 'These situations can become very difficult'

Stella expresses appreciation: 'These situations can become very difficult'

28-12-2022 09:29 Last update: 10:46


The collaboration between Daniel Ricciardo and McLaren did not go as expected. Yet Andrea Stella praised the driver for always keeping his composure despite all the frustrations.

Both McLaren and Ricciardo had a completely different scenario in mind when the Australian joined the team in 2021. However, it did not prove to be a successful match and the Woking-based team decided to end the contract early to clear the way for Oscar Piastri.

Stella expresses appreciation for Ricciardo

The situation could have gotten quite out of hand with all the mutual frustrations, but Ricciardo did not lose patience for a moment. "We appreciated immensely that he stayed calm," Stella said in conversation with The-Race.com. "It was collaborative, positive, constructive, even during the struggle, even on difficult weekends."

The 51-year-old Italian stressed that such a situation could easily spiral downwards. "We have seen previously, not necessarily at McLaren, but these situations can become quite difficult environmentally, they can just take negative spirals. That never happened. So, we are very appreciative of that," he adds.

Stella was recently promoted to McLaren team boss after it was announced that Andreas Seidl is leaving for Alfa Romeo to work as CEO. For his part, Ricciardo is returning to Red Bull Racing, where he will take on a variety of duties in the role of third driver in 2023.

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