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Verstappen is not balking at lack of competition: 'Can live with it quite well'

Verstappen is not balking at lack of competition: 'Can live with it quite well'

24-12-2022 07:51 Last update: 09:06


Max Verstappen convincingly took the world title this season with a 146-point difference over Charles Leclerc. At the beginning of the season, however, things did not seem so easy, the Dutchman remembers well. In conversation with Motorsport.com he looks back on that period.

"If you look at how close the cars were, it is surprising to have such a big gap anyway," the Red Bull Racing driver stated. While the Italian formation was off to an excellent start at the start of the season, Red Bull was struggling with the weight of the car and some technical problems.

Once Verstappen's team got the hang of it, it was ultimately just a breeze for Verstappen to beat all competitors. He would have liked it to be more exciting. "But on the other hand, I can live quite well with how it went now," he reveals with a laugh.

Verstappen on top performance Red Bull

In 2021, he won his first world title of his career. Verstappen can well remember the joy he felt when he received the top prize. Compared to this racing year, however, he believes his team's achievement was greater, as he also pointed out in Japan.

Although last season lacked excitement, Verstappen noticed that he was able to take to the track with a better car. In addition, he managed to win the constructors' championship together with Sergio Perez. "That's about the overall picture," he said.

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