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Simple solution Newey for porpoising: 'If you want'

Simple solution Newey for porpoising: 'If you want'

24-12-2022 07:27 Last update: 09:06


Adrian Newey faced major challenges again this season at Red Bull Racing. Because of the new regulations, porpoising, among others, arose early in the race year, forcing the teams to look for a solution. Red Bull soon found one, but it took some formations a bit longer.

Thus, Ferrari continued to suffer from problems during the first race weekends. However, it was nothing like Mercedes, which lost a lot of speed on the straights and, partly as a result, was nowhere near victories. According to Newey, finding a solution was indeed difficult, although there were options.

"First of all, you have to understand the problem properly, which in itself is not that easy," he explained to Motorsport-magazin.com. "Then you have to try to find solutions that reduce the problem without losing downforce. If you want, you are in the classic compromise between performance and comfort."

New regulations around porpoising

Eventually, the FIA decided to intervene, stating that the safety of drivers was at stake. Several teams then decided to take action. Namely, they felt that the new regulations would favour Mercedes. In the end, the FIA did not comply.

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