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Stuck critical of Verstappen's action: 'A lack of discipline'

Stuck critical of Verstappen's action: 'A lack of discipline'

22-12-2022 18:03 Last update: 22:21


Speaking to the German branch of Eurosport, legend Hans-Joachim Stuck, looks back on the 2022 season and the race in Brazil. The former Formula 1 driver criticises Max Verstappen's action, calling it a "lack of discipline".

Verstappen and Sergio Perez have proved on several occasions that they can work well together as teammates, but at the Brazilian Grand Prix things went wrong. The Dutchman, who already had his second world title in his pocket, refused to pass his teammate for sixth position. At the time, Perez was still fighting for second place in the drivers' championship with Charles Leclerc. Verstappen heard Red Bull Racing's request over the board radio, but the team got back a frustrated reply.

"From my point of view, it had to do with a lack of discipline. The first commandment in Formula 1 is to follow the team's instructions unconditionally, because the drivers have signed a contract", Stuck begins in conversation with the German medium.

After the race, Stuck spoke over the phone to former team boss Bernie Ecclestone about the incident. "He was very clear about it. If one of his drivers had not complied with such an instruction, Bernie would have thrown him out." Personally, Stuck would have handed out a penalty to Verstappen.

Stuck also has words of praise for Verstappen

Although the German is critical of Verstappen, the former driver also appreciates the Dutchman's talent. "Verstappen's performance is a step above all others. You have to take your hat off to him." Still, Stuck thinks the structure within Red Bull has now been disrupted by the incident in Brazil.

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