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Special Audi livery now immortalised in F1 22

Special Audi livery now immortalised in F1 22

07-12-2022 19:07 Last update: 07-12-2022 19:07


Formula 1 fans will have to wait until the 2026 season to see Audi's new F1 car in action, but players of the F1 22 game can already get behind the wheel of the German manufacturer's F1 concept car.

Audi revealed through a new F1 concept car at this year's Belgian Grand Prix as part of its official announcement that it will enter as a new team in 2026. The Ingolstadt-based company will produce its own engine and will join forces with Sauber Motorsport for the chassis.

Three years

With entry into the top class still at least three years away, EA Sports and game developer Codemasters have thought of designing Audi's livery especially for the sim game. Indeed, the livery of the show car that Audi presented at Spa-Francorchamps to announce its F1 participation has been digitally immortalised in the game F1 22. Audi reports that they are delighted to already be establishing themselves in the virtual racing world ahead of its F1 debut in 2026.

From Wednesday 7 December, Audi's striking concept car will be accessible via the Podium Pass Series 4 VIP tier pack, allowing players to use the special livery in multiplayer mode or apply it to your My Team car.

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