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Ricciardo on Verstappen: 'He's doing it easier'

Ricciardo on Verstappen: 'He's doing it easier'

01-12-2022 18:35 Last update: 19:20


Daniel Ricciardo does not think Max Verstappen has had an easy season. The Red Bull Racing driver became world champion through a lot of dominance, but that also comes with a lot of pressure, according to the Milton Keynes-based team's new third driver

Verstappen managed to secure 15 victories this season and already secured his title at the Japanese Grand Prix. But despite the dominance, Ricciardo doesn't think the Dutchman has had an easy season: "Yes, he's doing it easier than others, and there is the expectation you get, expectations that you have to win this weekend and if that doesn't happen they say it wasn't a good weekend. So if it was easy, we would all be doing it," Ricciardo said in the Beyond the Grid-podcast.

Handling the media

In the podcast, Ricciardo also talks about what the media does to him. If you don't get anything from what happens in the media, it is still felt by the driver. The Perth-based driver explains that he does not read articles himself, but before media day he is told what is going on from the team. "On Thursday it's media day and they go and give you the latest news so you can prepare for that. I don't see all 100 articles then, but I see ten of them."

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