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Perez's father is confident: 'From number three in the world to number one'

Perez's father is confident: 'From number three in the world to number one'

23-11-2022 19:12 Last update: 22:13

Antonio Perez, the father of Sergio Perez, is confident his son can compete for the title in 2023. He also describes more about the incident between his son and Max Verstappen during the Brazil GP.

Speaking to the Mexican newspaper, the Red Bull driver's father says ESTO that third place in the championship is among the most important moments in Mexican motorsport and things can only get better in the future. "I think the best of Checo is coming and we have to enjoy it".

With two seasons behind him at Red Bull, where Verstappen managed to take the title both times, it is now time for Perez to fight for more wins and the championship. "Now that the ball is in his court, he has to prepare, work and concentrate to be the best. Now he is number three in the world, his next step is to become number one in the world," Perez Senior said firmly.


Perez's father also says he knows well what it takes for that, which is to win all the races, but also to get all the pole positions and hold the lead in all the races. He also made it clear that the competition should be balanced with Verstappen: "It is a competition for both, not just one, Checo has already earned his place and is ready to work, the most important thing for both is to work as a team, the most important thing for Red Bull are victories."

As for the incident between Verstappen and his son, he described it as normal, while at the same time stressing that his son will stay with Red Bull for the coming seasons. "Checo will be at Red Bull for the next two years and everything that happened is an issue between two teammates. They both want to succeed, they want to win, but there is no ill intent with anyone."

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