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Pirelli opts for hardest tyres in Japan

Pirelli opts for hardest tyres in Japan

5 October - 20:31 Last update: 22:46


Next weekend, the hardest tyre compounds will be supplied to F1 teams by Pirelli. This is due to this year's heavier cars combined with the track layout. The prototype tyres for 2023 will also be tested by the drivers this weekend.

The Italian tyre supplier will supply the three hardest of the five possible options next weekend. The hard tyre this weekend is the C1, the medium tyre is the C2 and the C3 compound will act as the soft tyre. According to Pirelli chief Mario Isola, this selection was not a difficult choice for the Japanese Grand Prix. This is due to a combination of the layout of the circuit together with the high G-forces due to the new generation of cars and the level of tyre wear. "Because of the alternation of right and left turns, the pressure on the tyres on both sides of the car is almost the same," he added in the press release from Pirelli. However, this does not mean that the tyres are under less stress due to this choice. Moreover, this is also the last time this season that we will see the hardest compound, the C1 tyre, in action.

Prototype tyres for 2023

This weekend's second free practice session will test the prototype tyres for the 2023 season. This will extend the practice by 30 minutes, giving drivers 90 minutes of data. This is also scheduled for the race weekend in Austin. "As the end of this season approaches, we will fine-tune the prototypes," Isola said. In principle, the intention is to spend the entire training session on the 2023 tyres. However, there is one exception: if a team has a rookie running in the first free practice, the team will get half an hour for their own programme in the 90-minute practice.

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