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Glock on Perez's decision: 'Only the stewards know that'

Glock on Perez's decision: 'Only the stewards know that'

3 October - 19:45 Last update: 3 October - 19:45

Timo Glock is convinced the stewards needed time to properly assess the footage of Sergio Perez 's possible fouls. He therefore calls the rules so complicated that a decision could also only be made after the event.

Sergio Perez won the Singapore Grand Prix. However, due to the stewards' investigation, a final victory was unclear for a long time. On television footage, it looked like he was more than 10 car lengths away from the safety car during both safety car periods. For any infringement, however, it was probably on the limit and the stewards would condone it, but still the action was long in dispute. In the end, the Mexican was given a five-second penalty and a reprimand for the offence. This did not jeopardise Perez's victory, he finished some seven seconds ahead of Charles Leclerc who crossed the line in second place.

Complicated rules

Glock also found the decision lengthy and talks about it in his column column for Sky Deutschland. Nevertheless, the German analyst is convinced that all scenarios have been looked back and discussed. "But only the stewards know why it took them more than two hours to make a decision." He adds that they may have had other footage from the safety car at their disposal and saw that the Mexican was only a few seconds more than 10 car lengths behind, but the guess remains as to how things really were. The analyst concludes, "When you have such complicated rules, Formula1 always ends up in situations where a victory is not decided until the stewards."

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