Ferrari targeted by hacker group: 7GB of data online

Ferrari targeted by hacker group: 7GB of data online

03-10-2022 19:20 Last update: 03-10-2022 19:20


Ferrari has reportedly been hit by a ransomware hacker attack. Internal documents, data sheets, repair manuals and more were reportedly stolen from Maranello, according to the economic editor of Corriere della Sera.

The attack was claimed by the cyber gang named RansomEXX. The group leaked 7GB of stolen data from the company online to the site Red Hot Cyber. Ferrari disclosed in a statement that it has no evidence of a breach of its systems or ransomware and informed that there has been no interruption to its operations and work. The company is now working to identify the source of the event and will take all necessary actions. It is not known whether data of the eponymous Formula 1 team was also stolen.

Hacked before

This is not the first time Ferrari documents have been stolen by hackers. Earlier, it was hacker group Everest that launched a hacking attack on the company Speroni, which supplies parts for sports cars. These documents were also sold and published that included data and projects of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.

What is a ransomware

A ransomware is a cyber threat that infects a system and then demands the payment of a ransom to be able to use it again. All files within the system, a computer or an entire network of one or more companies, are encrypted so that they become unreadable to the rightful owner and the unlock code is given only in exchange for ransom.

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