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Verstappen's grandmother and aunt present at Singapore Grand Prix

Verstappen's grandmother and aunt present at Singapore Grand Prix

02-10-2022 08:29 Last update: 10:38


Max Verstappen can count on special support in Singapore this weekend. Indeed, his grandmother Marianne and aunt Gerda will be present. In conversation with The Telegraph the pair talk candidly about the Red Bull Racing driver.

It is not the first time they have attended a Verstappen race this year. They were also present at Zandvoort, for instance. "That was already a wonderful weekend, with all those fans, but this is very special," says aunt Gerda, who says that the visit to Singapore had been planned for a while and that their nephew and grandson's birthday was on Friday as well as the fact that he could become world champion one more time.

As exciting as it was until the very last moment last year, it won't be this year. Thinking back to how exciting it was last year in Abu Dhabi, grandma Marianne gets emotional and tears spring to her eyes. They had already given up, but then that safety car came and he still got the chance.


That Verstappen can now become champion again was the reason for the Dutchman to invite some family. "We flew here together with Max, in his plane," continues grandma Marianne who would never have dared to dream that ten years ago. Watching the race at home often gets her too excited anyway. "I'm always very tense during races, though. I've never missed one. Once in a while I just have to walk away because I can't take it anymore."

Aunt Gerda is also that fanatical. For instance, she always keeps track of lap times and is in regular contact with brother Jos Verstappen for the latest information. After all, they don't want to bother the reigning world champion too much. "We do have a Verstappen app, which has the whole family in it. Then we often congratulate him after a great race, but there is also plenty of rubbish in there, haha."

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